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One of the things I wanted to get better at after I graduated in December was making the time to read actual books again. I’ve done a pretty pitiful job of making that a priority, but I’ve kept these three books handy over the last few months, and I think they would be great additions to anyone’s summer reading list. 


If You Find This Letter is a memoir written by one of my favorite bloggers / authors, Hannah Brencher. It is a book I’ve had on my list for such a long time, and I’m almost finished reading it.

What You Can Expect: This book tells the inspiring and strikingly honest story of Hannah’s life post-grad, and the struggles she faced trying to find her way in the wonderful world of adulting. Hannah also loves to use descriptive language within her writing, which I love, and she takes you with her on her journey through intimate storytelling. This is an easy read, and it will leave you feeling inspired, moved, and called.

Hannah Brencher writes about mental health, faith, and authentic living. You can read more of her words on her blog.



Wake Up to the Joy of You is a delightful little book that I came across on a date with myself at the book store. This is a book to keep on your bedside table. Full of wisdom, patience, and practical self-assessment tools, this book will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

What You Can Expect:Wake Up to the Joy of You includes 52 sections, covering topics like Meditation, Forgiveness, Happiness, Disappointment, and so many more. Each section guides you through the concept, providing stories or examples, and ending with a “call-to-action” or personal reflection points. Each section is only a few pages long, and reads extremely easily. This is the perfect book for someone like me, who is terrible at making a lot of time to read, but wants to be mentally stimulated! lol! I like to read these right before bed when I’m winding down for the night, to try to drop whatever negative energy the day may have brought and refocus myself for the day to come.



Brave Enough is a book for the strong-willed, thoughtful gal (or fella). I purchased this book after watching the movie Wild, inspired by Cheryl Strayed’s life story. It is one of my favorite films, so I figured I would enjoy her book too. Boy, was I right!

What You Can Expect: Brave Enough is a collection of quotes and thoughts strung together by Cheryl Strayed herself. This is another one of those books to keep on your bedside table (it stays on mine). Anytime I am feeling less-than-inspired, I flip through these pages and I am reminded of the strength and personal insight that I have (or sometimes, that I wish I had). It serves as a perfect little kick-in-the-booty or boost when I need to be reminded that actually, I’ve got this.

That’s what I’m currently reading!! What books are y’all into?! I’ll be looking to get new ones soon! Let me know. Xx

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